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Welcome to our homepage! "Dotemori" is a Japanese-rice wine(Sake) store in Kurashiki. We are dealing in Sake, beer, wine, liqueur, and shochu(spirits) in Kurashiki and Okayama area.
In this homepage, we'd like to introduce our store and seasonal specialties. Also, let us show the Kurashiki's beautiful scenery in every seasons.

Here is our specialties of Jizake,especially brewed for Dotemori.

Kurashiki Daiginjo

(Jummai Daiginjo)
It's brewed from a famous local rice called "Bizen Yamadanishiki" which is organic cultivated in high quality. Polished to the 40%level, and ferment the final mash very slowly at low temperatures. Very refreshing, quite strong body but goes downs smoothly. Serve chilled. Excellent with the Okayama's speciality "Nukusushi", steamed sushi.
Rice used: Bizen Yamadanishiki
Polishing: 40%

Bittchu Ginjo
(Jummai Ginjo Genshu)
The "Omachi" is famous rice for brewing sake in this region. One of the best choice of Toji, the brewmaster from this kura. Extremely dry and full bodied, with very traditional feature. Goes well with deep fried, heavy dishes. Serve chilled or on the rocks.
Rice used: Omachi
Polishing: 58%

Ginjo Kurashiki
(Karakuchi Ginjo)
It's the representative dry ginjo-shu of our store. Quite dry, good banquet, light body, and highly smooth. Serve either warmed or chilled. Excellent with local fishes called "mamakari" from setouchi-sea.
Rice used: Bizen Yamadanishiki, polishied 50%,
Bizen Akebono, polished 55%,

Ikkon Dokko


(Neutral Ginjo)
To brew this ginjo-shu, we set up the best conditions. Toji, the sake brewmaster is Mr.Eiji Watanabe, the water from Takahashi-river, and used two kinds of rice. Therefore, it becomes light on the palate, in between dry and sweet, and the fine balance of flavors keeps your interest. Serve either warmed or chilled. Best with boiled vegetables with sugar and soy sauce.
Rice used: Bizen Yamadanishiki, polished 50%
Bizen Omachi, polished 60%

(Amakuchi Ginjo)
Kurashiki region has a lot of Karakuchi(dry) type, however for the Amakuchi fans, we brew it with sensitive care. Extremely sweet, with a refined taste. Served either warmed or chilled. Wonderful with something sweet taste.
Rice used: Bizen Yamadanishiki
Polishing: 60%


It's been loved by local people as a "Festival Sake" when the "Suinkyo festival" has taken place in Spring and Fall. It's not diluted, dry, strong body, high alcohol percent(19%) is remarkable. Straight is good with heavy fried dishes. On the rocks is the best with light dishes.
Rice used: Akebono
Polishing: 65-70%

Nonde goronze

(Jummai Ginjo)
Brewed from a local rice called "Bizen Akebono" with fermentation in low temperature. You'll enjoy mellow flavor with straight.
"Udon Hot Pot" would go well with it.
Rice Used: Akebono
Polishing: 55%

Arabashiri  \1440
(Jummai Ginjo, Namesake)
Namesake is bottled just as it comes our of the filter from the moromi. In the past, it was bottled only during winter season. According to the development of refrigeration equipment, we could enjoy the Namesake thrugh the year. Highly refreshing, elegant taste. Good as an aperitif.
Rice used: Bizen Omachi
Polishing: 60%

Jummai Owaganse

(Jummai Nigorishu)
"Owaganse" is a dialect which means "please come in" or, "please have something to eat or drink at my home". Usually nigorishu is brewed moromi in three times, but we do it in eight times(called "Hachidan shikomi"). You'll enjoy chewing moromi and sweetness.
Rice used: Omachi
Polishing: 60%

Owaganse Amakuchi
(Amakuchi Nigorishu)
"Owaganse"is a dialect which means "please come in" or,"please have something to eat or drink at my house".
It is possible to store it in room temperature. It is heated when bottling except during winter. It is a genshu, still remains high alcohol.
Easy to drink on the rocks.
Rice used: Akebono
Polishing: 65%

Kibi Kanraku

 500 ml
Alcohol: 25%

Kibi Kanraku: Kibi which is a kind of grain is the specialty of Okayama. It doesn't have nose, very easy to drink.

Taisuikashu: It is made from rice cultivated around Kibi area. You'll enjoy soft, mild aroma.

Peach Liqueur

Momo Musume
Muscat Liqueur

Budo Jo
500 ml

These are the fruit liqueur that contains Okayama's Jizake and juice from peaches and muscats(white grapes).
Serve on the rocks or dilute with some water or soda is the best.

Arita ware (Saga prefecture)
Dragon (black and white)

Tiger, Crane, Iris, Landscape
(blue and white)

This is designed by the specialists of the Arita ware. Recently, these specialists are decreasing, its marvelous paintings are getting pretty rare. It contains genshu from "Mannenyuki", which is ultra dry, good with on the rocks.

Arita ware
with scenery of Kurashiki

Vessel with a handle

Iris Vessels

The scenery of Kurashiki on the vessels is designed by Mr. Kimura Fukutaro who is a painter from Kurashiki.
All vessels contain genshu from "Mannenyuki". Serve on the rocks or chilled.

Tobe ware(Ehime prefecture)
This ware is all designed, hand drafted by craftmen. You can select the difference of lines and detailes. It contains genshu from "Seigizakura". Best with on the rocks or chilled.
If you need a detail, please contact us. We'll send you a larger size of picture.

Tobe ware (Takokarakusa)
from the left...
@360 ml @ (round)
@360 ml @ (rakkyo)
@200 ml@ (tsurukubi)

Tobe ware (hanagara)
from the left...
300 ml@ (round)
360 ml@ (round)
180 ml@ (tsurukubi)
180 ml@ (rakkyo)

Tobe ware (komagara)
360 ml (round)
Tobe ware (landscape)
360 ml(rakkyo)
360 ml (round)

Tobe ware (hakkaku)
180 ml
Tobe ware(seiji)
180 ml(tsurukubi)
180 ml (hakkaku)


Handling Items

@We accept shipping inside Japan through a year. For the shipping to abroad, please ask us. (There are some limitation about alcohol beverages.)


Telephone(9:00-18:00), email, fax(24hours) or letters are avaiable.

Please ask shipping dates, hours if you need.(One package will contain 12 bottles of 720ml.)

@5-31, Hon-machi
@Kurashiki-shi, Okayama
@TEL 086-423-1221
@FAX 086-426-5878


@We'd like to ask you to use "correct Service" by Kuroneko Yamato, when you are ordering to ship it yourself. If it's a gift, please pay the fee into our bank account. After the confirmation, we'll deliver it as soon as possible. (You are responsible for the commission.)

Introducing our store

Outline of the store

Name of storeFJizake @@@hanbaikaisha Dotemori

PlaceF5-31 Hon-machi @@@@Kurashiki-shi Okayama

CapitalF500 million yen


DirectorFAkira Mori

Banking agencyFFuji Bank @Kurasiki branch,@Nishi‚Ži‚ˆon Bank Kurasiki branch


Ryoichi Mori, the first start to acquire making sake in Okayama-city

He move to Kurashiki-city where our store is placed now, and establish the base.


The store is located along the bank of Kurashiki canal, it is known "Mr. Mori on the dote(bank)".
This is how the store got its name of "Dotemori".

The old construction since Taisho-period is remodeled.

The area is designates as the preservation of historical buildings, the store is awarded the "Machiya-Prize" from Kurashiki-city.

Open our homepage on the web site. Start an internet shopping.

The store is located along the Kurashiki canal.When you walk along the canal, you'll find a tiled roof, wooden lattice window and a large size Noren(store curtain, shown on the top page)Please feel free to stop by and enjoy a sip of free tasting.

This is the sales manager of Dotemori.

Our first policy is to keep the high quality of Kurashiki and Okayama's Jizake for over 80 years.
I'd like to introduce these jizake to everyone who loves sake all over Japan.
I don't look friendly at the store, but inside of my heart, I have samurai spirits, kind to the weak, strict to the wrong. I'm a very hard worker and trying to know much about sake.
When you are in Kurashiki, please stop by and feel free to talk to me.
Thank you very much for visiting our homepage.

Jizake Hanbaikaisha "Dotemori"